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$23.00 - $27.00 hourly
Alert Traffic Control Inc.
Jun 01, 2023
Full time
We seek a professional and dependable Traffic Control Supervisor with good communication and leadership skills. The Supervisor must ensure that all necessary operations on a project are initiated and completed in a safe and timely manner, in accordance with all applicable Company, State, and Federal guidelines, and to ensure that all required documentation is maintained and delivered to the appropriate person(s) in a timely and efficient manner. The Supervisor should be able to coordinate with Contractors to produce a traffic control request for the following day(s), which shall then be called in so that personnel will be scheduled for the next day. The Supervisor must also be able to track and document all equipment used on a project, including any that has been damaged/destroyed, stolen, or otherwise rendered unusable, and track by who (if applicable), Company, State, Federal, Public, etc. WORKING CONDITIONS Exposure to extreme cold; extreme heat; road hazards; road and equipment noise; potentially hazardous fumes, dust, and equipment. All other potential outside conditions. Travel is required to projects, equipment yard, and other facilities. DUTIES AND TASKS Be professional in providing a safe and efficient work environment for every life in the work zone, including you, your flaggers, all Contractors’ and Owner personnel, and the traveling public. Be responsible for the direct supervision and proper training of flaggers, laborers, and pilot car drivers on your project. Turn in Daily Reports EVERY DAY, with at least one copy to be delivered to the Contactor and at least one copy to the Office, depending on the project. Set up on time and in accordance with all applicable regulations and approved Methods of Handling Traffic. Verify that all flaggers on the project are properly dressed in accordance with all applicable regulations (including the company dress code) and have all required equipment to perform their duties. Check the project periodically throughout the day to ensure that all signs, equipment, and flaggers are in their proper place and visible and that traffic runs smoothly through all work zones. JOB QUALIFICATIONS Education High School Graduate Valid State and/or ATSSA Supervisor card Valid State and/or ATSSA Flagger card Valid Driver’s License Experience (Please note that applicable experience may override some education requirements): Three years of experience in Road Construction/Traffic Control Safety Can develop MHT plans Effectively manage the team on site. Two thousand flagging hours (required to obtain a Traffic Control Supervisor card) or more. One year of experience prior to hiring as an active Traffic Control Supervisor is preferred. Job Type: Full-time Salary: From $55,000.00 per year Schedule: 8 hour shift Monday to Friday On call Experience: Project management: 3 years (Preferred) Work Location: On the road
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